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Patents :

• Conducting searches

• Preparing, filing and prosecuting applications

• Drafting and negotiating license agreements and providing related advice

• Maintenance-related administrative work

• Extending and validating European Patents and applications

• Litigating disputes

• Mediating disputes and negotiating settlements

Trademarks :

• Conducting searches and consulting on availability for use and registration

• Drafting, filing and prosecuting applications

• Trademark renewals

• Preparing and recording assignments and license agreements

• Advising on litigation strategy and litigating disputes

• Advising on trademark oppositions and cancellations

Designs :

• Preparing, filing and prosecuting applications

• Drafting license agreements and providing related advice

• Maintaining design rights (annuities/renewals)

• Litigating disputes

Copyright :

• Advising on all types of copyright/author’s rights subject matter

• Advising on registration and proper use of copyright notices

• Drafting agreements relating to creation, licensing, purchase or sale of copyright material

• Providing opinions on copyright infringement

• Advising on litigation strategy

• Litigating disputes

Indemnity for the material damage occured in :

• maritime transport

• road transport

• air transport

• as a consequence of terrorist attack

Indemnity for non-material damage occured by:

• disrespect of dignity and honour, especially through public media

• suffered pains and fear

• reduced vital human ability

• deformed looks

Indemnity for the damage incurred due to copyright violation

Indemnity for damage incurred due to unfulfilment of contractual obligations

Indemnity for damage with international legal entity

Indemnity for damage incurred due to groundless sentence

Establishment and representation of free customs zones in Montenegro

Settlement of Disputes / Mediation

The arbitration proceedings

Services in relation with disputes

Action for the fulfillment of commercial contracts, a breach of obligations and breach of contract

Debt collection

Enforcement of judgement/order


Business advice

International Arbitration

Representation before the Human Rights Court in Strasbourg

Registration of foreign companies, the conclusion of agreements on foreign trade and other economic relations


Economic and Financial Crime


War Crimes

Crimes of Endangering Traffic Safety

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