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Long-time lawyer from Podgorica, Branislav Lutovac, is one of the candidates for the new president of the Bar Association, and the current president, lawyer Zdravko Begović, will not run for that position again.

This lawyer, with over thirty-five years of experience, said that a fundamental aspect of a civil and democratic society is the existence of strong and independent institutions:

“The Bar Association is one of them, as a strong corrective to protecting citizens’ freedom and rights. The theoretical term of the rule of law must be essentially realized through everyday court practice in Montenegro. This, along with protecting the constitutional and legal rights of lawyers, improving their status and helping in the education of young lawyers, will be the main task of the Bar Association. To be an example to others, lawyers in their work must keep in mind four magnificent words, which were carved above the room for defence lawyers in ancient Rome – ‘love of justice, humanity, knowledge and virtue,'” said Lutovac.