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On October 1, 2022, Montenegro became the 39th country to join the European Patent Organization. Starting from that date, European patent applications will include the designation of the new contracting state of Montenegro. The European Patent Office (EPO) will also take over the functions of the PCT receiving office and act as the PCT international search and examination authority on behalf of Montenegro.

A European patent application may be filed with the European Patent Office or the competent authority of Montenegro, and a European patent application, which is granted a filing date, and which indicates Montenegro, is identical to a valid national patent application. Also, it is prescribed that a European patent indicating Montenegro provides the same rights as the national patent from the date when the European Patent Office publishes the statement on the grant of the European patent in the European Patent Bulletin. 

The patent holder is obliged to submit within three months from the grant of a European patent in the European Patent Bulletin to the competent authority of Montenegro, an application for entry of a European patent in the Patent Register of Montenegro, with a translation of the patent claims into Montenegrin language and pay the publishing fee and the fee for printing translation of the patent claims.